Annual Grandparent’s Brunch a Success With My Food Processor 

We have some longevity in our family, so every year we host a brunch exclusively for the grandparents, which is put on by their actual children, and the grandchildren that are old enough and capable of helping. Some of those grandparents also have grandparents, so we try to let them just hang back and annoy while the other generations get to work. 

Basically we have a sports game on for the men who are grandparents while the younger guys go on and serve them drinks and snacks. The grandmothers also get served drinks and snacks, but they’re also offered manicures by some of the teenage and twenty something granddaughters. Meanwhile, they can all watch shows that they’ve agreed on while it’s going on if they so choose. 

It really starts as the grandfathers having guy time and the grandmothers having girl time. It’s really a lot of fun and a nice way to lead up to the main event. 

Then the main event of the day is the brunch that we have, and although we call it that, it doesn’t actually start until 2pm. We have a whole brunch planned for all of the grandparents. We get a very small amount catered, and then the rest of us who are not grandparents prepare the rest of the food. 

We come up with a menu a couple months in advance and tweak things as needed. We assign different items to different groups of people based on what their skill set is. Either way, 90% of the prep is done with the Cuisinart food processor. Luckily two of our other cousins own one each. It makes prepping everything such a breeze. 

It prompted me to order one too, since my role was increasing in this event now that I was nearing 30. So I went on to KitchenWorksInc and ordered myself a Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY Food Processor. It would be a wonderful contribution to the event, not to mention for my life as well.

So we prep all of our veggies for omelets or crudités, we make yogurt, soups, cole slaw, doughs for different things, along with dips and spreads. It really comes out to be a wonderful menu for everyone. 

The whole family ends up really enjoying it. Once we serve the grandparents then we sit down and enjoy the meal with them. It’s a nice moment of accomplishment but also gratitude that we are able to do this with the grandparents that are in our lives. We’re able to keep it going with our Cuisinart food processor.