Detailed Guide to Women’s Gloves


Actually, the hand is one of the first parts of our body. Not only are they constantly exposed to sunlight, wind, chemicals, and other factors, but we employ them every day—the fashion industry manufactures and designs women’s gloves and other products. Some people wear hand gloves every day. The skin on the back of our hands is thinner than the rest of our body, which makes it more vulnerable to aging and damage than any other part of our body.

As a proud leather glove business that takes pride in manufacturing luxurious leather gloves for men and women, we have listed down several ways you can prevent your hands from aging, and one of them Definitely has to be wearing our beautiful leather gloves!

Moisturizing: Prevents cracks and cracks on the skin. For these very important handshakes, it is important to keep your hands soft and shiny! With Unlimited Leather Gloves, the incoming moisture actually helps to naturally moisturize your hands and retain the natural oils in your skin.

Sunscreen: Like all parts of your body, your hands are no different—protect them from sun damage!

Gloves protect your fingers, palms and wrists. Lacrosse players are more prone to injury due to body checks and slashes while playing on the field. Size charts are available for different age groups.

Protection: The main function of lacrosse gloves is to provide protection against injury. The wrist and thumb areas are at greater risk. So, make sure you have enough padding. Light gloves do not mean weak protection, and heavy gloves do not mean strong protection. In fact, lighter gloves provide more maneuverability. There is a special glove for goalkeepers because of the high risk of injury to the hand when blocking the ball.

Comfort: Gloves can limit movement, so don’t get too tight. If the gloves are too loose, the stick will lose grip and can easily slip out of your hand. Wrist cuffs help tighten the grip around the wrist. Properly ventilated gloves provide adequate air circulation between the fingers.