Insulated Glass performance -Guardian Glass VS China Morn

Guardian industries Holdings, is a global multinational company with 21,000 employees in more than 20 countries and regions on five continents. Its main business is high-end architectural glass, fiberglass building products, and automotive industry glass and interior products, annual sales are about 70 Billion dollars.

Established in 1936,Guardian Glass now own 28 float glass production lines,daily output reach 500KM long glass panels,and sell to over 160 countries and regions.

High end glass coating with single silver low-E,double silver low-E and triple silver low-E are applied on global projects,Guardian now is absolutely the leading glass group in the world.The main glass coating series are :

  • Sunguard HP series: High performance Single silver low-E
  • Sunguard SN series:Super Neutral Double silver low-E
  • Sunguard EXtraSelective XNS series:Super Triple silver low-E
  • ClimaGuard Series:Variety coatings for a wide range of climates.

As Guardian serves 5 continents,Guardian offers different products to suite each regions weather and climate.For example,for USA and Europe regions,high light transmittance products,especially double silver SN70 series are widely applied,while in Middle east and Asia Pacific areas,high light reflectance coatings and low LT&low SHGC series are main products to resist strong sunlight,here we compare the coatings in North America with China matched coatings.

  • Sunguard SN series:Super Neutral Double silver low-E

The SunGuard SuperNeutral range of solar protection glass helps to create strikingly modern, comfortable buildings, by delivering high natural light transmission, very high solar protection and low emissivity. All with an incredibly beautiful, neutral look.Including SNR43,SN54,SN50/25,SN68,from low light transmittance to high,Morn matched coatings are MJDE45,MJDE49,MJDE57and MDE75A.

Of course in Europe there’re many more options such as SN70/35,SN70/37, SN63,SN51,SN75 and in other regions from SN30T to SN70T,it’s just slight adjustments on glass reflectance and SHGC,contact us if you require the exact performance.

  • Sunguard EXtraSelective XNS series:Super Triple silver low-E

SunGuard® eXtraSelective is a solar control glass with world-class selectivity, which means it delivers an optimum ratio of natural light transmission to solar energy control.Same as Vitro Solarban 70,90,the coating has also up to 2.1 and 2.2 high LSG (light to solar heat gain) ratio.Morn matched coatings are MWTE70 and MTE60 with light transmittance 65% and 54% separately to fit high altitude and hot areas.

  • Sunguard HP series: High performance Single silver low-E

Single silver low-E is the first generation low-E coating types,nowdays most developed areas has used double silver low-E instead while in most countries,single silver low-E ,especially insulated glass with low light transmittance ones applied on body tinted glass offers low SHGC and low LT to achieve even better energy efficiency than double silver low-E. are also popular .Guardian HP series are not only offers high solar control but also design flexibility and good levels of thermal insulation.

Guardian HP series including Neutral 78/65,Neutral 50,Neutral 40,AG50,AG43.Unfortunately we failed to find matched coatings for AG50 with silver reflectance.All other matched coatings from China Morn glass are MSE88A,MSE60C,MXSE60C,MSE50F.

  • ClimaGuard Series:Variety coatings for a wide range of climates.

Climaguard,actually is a series including energy advantage coatings and triple silver low-E coatings.

Climaguard 62/27,climaguard 55/27,and climaguard 53/27 are actually same as SNX62/27 and SNX51/23,just slightly adjustment on the performance.

All other coatings,are slight adjustment based on the basic glass coatings according to the users’ weathers,as it varies,we don’t have 100% matched coatings,below are our insulated glass performance compare:


Working With China top low-E coating manufacturers -Jinjing Group,XYG,TG, Morn now is able to supply low-E coated insulated glass equivalent to Guardian,with much lower costs and equivalent quality&excellent service,we’re confidence our joining will help finishing your great building with costs saving and happy work.

Kindly contact us if any insulated glass are required.

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